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Abalon Construction is a family owned and operated Edmonton basement foundation repair company. Since 1970, Abalon Construction has specialized in foundation repair and basement waterproofing for both residential and commercial properties. In this time, we have grown from humble beginnings to become Canada’s largest foundation repair contractor, providing professional and fully warrantied basement foundation repair services in Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg.

Edmonton Basement Foundation Repair Services

Whether it’s stopping water from entering your basement, repairing foundation cracks, correcting foundation settling or shifting issues, underpinning solutions, teleposts, or sump pump’s, we have you covered. For over 45 years we’ve helped tens of thousands of homeowners across alberta protect & maintain their property’s value.   If you need foundation repair services… we can help.

Abalon ConstructionEdmonton
Foundation Repair Services
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28+ years Better Business Bureau Accredited Business
Edmonton Foundation Repairs – Basement Waterproofing  Experts
10 Year warranty on all basement foundation repairs 
34+ years servicing Edmonton and surrounding areas
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Since 1970, Abalon’s professional team has provided these basement foundation repair services:

*if you need any type of foundation repair services… we can help


10 year industry leading warranty on all basement foundation repairs

Equally as important as providing a clean and professional experience to our clients, is standing behind the quality of our work. Since 1970, we have guaranteed our clients the assurance that our projects will be done right the first time. Included in all our basement foundation repairs is a 10 year complete warranty.
*We also include an additional three year extended warranty on all sump pump’s we install.
Contact our Edmonton office today to find out more about our guarantee.

Foundation repair experience is important

What maintains our growth and reputation is providing a consistently positive experience. Ensuring a clean and professional project insures our customer’s loyalty and it’s the philosophy we’ve provided for over 45 years of service to our clients. When your investment is at risk from foundation deterioration, identifying the problem early can save you an immense amount of money, stress and time.

Since 1970, we have helped nearly 50,000 homeowners with the repair and protection of their home or business. When we say that experience counts, we are referring to all the unique problems we have helped our clients solve. Whether that’s a crumbling foundation wall of a house built in the 1950’s, a new condo complex shifting & settling and requiring it’s entire underground parkade to be waterproofed, or a wide range of issues in-between, we have the experience to provide the permanent solution.

Epoxy injections vs. exterior repairs

One of the most common mistake’s we see made is when homeowners settle for a “quick fix” alternative to a larger structural issue. Some Interior repairs, like epoxy injections, or urethane resigns, can be a bandage solution to a bigger issue if not properly addressed. In our 45 years of experience, If the repair of a foundation crack is not completely sealed to the exterior wall, moisture has the ability to enter the cracks from the exterior of your foundation. This leaves the foundation wall exposed to Alberta’s intense freeze/thaw cycle, severely widening these cracks, leading to severe deterioration down the road.

At Abalon, we believe in offering the long-term solution to your unique project. Unless financial or certain conditions are present, exterior repairs are the recommended course of action to provide a permanent repair. Although interior repairs may be cheaper and faster to complete, they usually don’t have the ability to correct the issue where initial contact of the elements & moisture is present. Speaking with a foundation expert about your unique problem is always the safest decision to insure your investment receives the appropriate course of action.

Our clients provide the best referrals

“I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know….”

Thank You again for the wonderful service! I have been so impressed with everything you have done, from the promptness of Randy for the estimate (including the phone call to say he would be five minutes late), to how quickly the work was done. Cleanup was marvellous, the flowerbed looks better now than it did before. I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know that needs foundation work done.

Brenda Y,
Edmonton, AB.

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Abalon ConstructionEdmonton
Foundation Repair Services
780-468-4400 or 1-877-968-4400
28+ years Better Business Bureau Accredited Business
Edmonton Foundation Repairs – Basement Waterproofing  Experts
10 Year Warranty on all basement foundation repairs 
34+ years servicing Edmonton and most surrounding areas
Free Evaluations & Estimates

foundation repair - edmonton - abalon construction - call for free estimate

edmonton basement waterproofing and foundation repairs - 4 reasons for basement water leaking

Four Basic Causes Of Basement Water Leakage

1. As the ground becomes saturated, the water table begins to rise around your foundation, putting pressure against the basement floor and wall. Water then seeks cracks which are caused by expansion and contraction of the concrete due to the freeze/thaw cycle’s from our harsh winters.

2. Exterior footer drains eventually clog, forcing water to seek the path of least resistance, which is usually under the footing. The water then seeks cracks in the floor or moves over the footer entering the basement at the joint where the floor meets the wall.

3. In unusual cases, the footing is poured separately from the foundation wall. The wall is then constructed upon the footer. Since it is impossible to get a perfect seal between the footing and the wall, the water is able to enter the basement through this junction.

4. Due to the expansion and contraction of cement blocks, the original damp proofing coating, which has little-no elasticity, cracks with extreme temperature changes. This allows water to enter through these cracks and in the mortar joints filling the bottom courses of blocks with water.

Abalon ConstructionEdmonton
Basement Foundation Repair Services
780-468-4400 or 1-877-968-4400

foundation repair - edmonton - abalon construction - call for free estimate

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