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         Since 1970, we have specialized in repairing and waterproofing the foundation of existing Residential & Commercial properties throughout Western Canada. Abalon currently has offices located in Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg.

Whether it’s stopping water from entering your basement, correcting shifting and settling problems, underpinning & telepost solutions or adding a sump pit to your home, we have you covered. Throughout 45 years of operation we have helped tens of thousands of homeowners protect & maintain their properties value and structural integrity.

In addition to providing a warrantied service we also aim to educate our clients on the root cause of their issue and the solutions that are available to them. In some cases no foundation work is necessary and a leaking window or plumbing problem is the root issue.

For over 45 Years Abalon’s Professional team has provided these services:

  • Foundation Crack & Wall Repairs
  • Waterproofing
  • Settling & Shifting Correction
  • Clogged Weeping Tile Replacement
  • Underpinning & Telepost Solutions
  • Sump Pit Installation
  • Wall Replacement
  • Exterior Foundation Repairs
  • Window Well Installation

        And many more foundation related solutions.

        *Abalon specializes on the repairs of existing structures, we do not provide new construction.



Abalon’s Company Philosophy

What maintains our company’s growth and reputation is our customers loyalty. Providing a clean and professional service helps us maintain our reputation and it’s the philosophy we have maintained for over 45 years of service to the public. When your investment is at risk or to prevent any future deterioration to your property, identifying the problem early can save you immense amounts of time and money. Being honest throughout this process and working together with our clients to provide the responsible solution to their problem is our main objective.


Epoxy Injections Vs. Exterior Repairs

The most common mistake we see made is when customers settle for a “Quick Fix” alternative to a bigger problem. Simple solutions like interior epoxy injections, or urethane fillers are only a bandage to a much bigger structural issue, and can cause even greater structural problems down the road.

At Abalon, we believe in offering the long-term solution to protect your property correctly the first time. We believe this can only be achieved through exterior repairs, correcting the problem where your foundation first comes into contact with the elements.

Call today to reserve a free evaluation of your problem or drop by our office to discuss any foundation concerns you may have.

Step One

Call: (780) 468-4400
Fax: (780) 468-4466
Email: solutions@abalonconstruction.com

We will then schedule your FREE, NO OBLIGATION evaluation and estimate or repair.

A professionally trained repair specialist will be sent to your home or business to conduct a thorough analysis of your problem.

Based upon the evaluation, we will recommend the best solution for your particular problem and answer any questions that you may have.

Step Two

We will then call you to confirm scheduling, prior to any work being performed.

Abalon service technicians then arrive to repair your home. Our operations supervisor visits all projects daily to assure all is well. Your estimator will perform site visits and a final inspection of the project to insure your satisfaction.

Foundation Repairs – Edmonton, Alberta

5cue1lv1mb_9de01066_867d_a148_30e2_95d9ebcd3516Ignoring that wet basement or cracked foundation can lead to major problems and expensive repairs. Let Abalon Construction save you money and endless frustration by catching the problem early. For the past 4 decades, we’ve helped homeowners, business owners and property managers with a variety of foundation repair in Alberta.

Abalon has solutions for your wet basement, cracked walls and much more. We are experts in all matters of underpinning and have the expertise to find the proper method for your exact situation. Don’t hesitate.

Contact Abalon today and get your problem solved quickly.

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