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Since 1970, Abalon has provided free estimates for homeowners with crawl space water or humidity concerns and who require crawl space encapsulation & repair. Our team of seasoned estimators are specialized to help resolve your crawl space concerns or questions and to provide you with an accurate, cost-effective solution.

Water or excess humidity intrusion, including trapped moisture in a residential home’s crawl space can cause significant damage to your building or home’s crawl space, through the invitation of mold growth, water damage, structural rotting damage, and excess humidity.

A home or building with a crawl space or void space underneath, that does not have sufficient encapsulation (coverage with a thick PVC poly material to prevent excess moisture or humidity) is always an unfortunate situation because the bare earth & soil under your home are great humidity producers.

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What does Crawl Space Encapsulation or Repair cost in Edmonton?

The cost of crawl space encapsulation and repair in Edmonton is approximately $8.00 to $20.00 per square foot of crawl space. This can range depending on the height and access of your crawl space, as well as other factors such as: rotting or structural damage in your crawl space from excess moisture or humidity, or the location and access of your building or home’s crawlspace. 


crawl space repair edmonton - abalon construction - picture of crawl space being repairedSigns of Crawl Space water or humidity issues 

  • A musty odor or water beading around your crawl space could indicate a humidity concern needing encapsulation or repair.
  • Rotting wood, materials, or stains of discoloration could indicate excess humidity in your home or building’s crawl space.
  • Sitting water, moist soil, or other pooling water intrusions, as well as mold growth and signs of other bacterial growth, can also be indicators of a serious humidity issue in your crawl space.

These damp conditions can be very destructive to the underneath of one’s residential home or building, resulting in mold growth, higher heating or cooling costs, insect and pest control issues, or even structural rot & building decay.

A proper crawl space encapsulation & repair system will completely isolate your home from the ground or outside environment, significantly lowering the humidity level in the crawl space. In return, these decreased humidity levels can in many cases eliminate mold growth altogether, increasing the lifespan of your home by “Protecting your Investment” for years to come.

How does one Encapsulate or Repair a Crawl space?

The most commonly used barrier lining installed in crawl spaces today is a heavy 20-mil-thick PVC material, and as an experienced crawl space encapsulation repair contractor… is a material we do not like to cheap out on. Once your crawlspace is cleaned out of any garbage, or non-ideal materials, and excess water is evaporated, a thick PVC Liner is placed down to span across your entire crawl space. Seams should be taped with a vapor barrier approved material, and securely installed, preventing humidity from collecting in your crawl space. After installation, a dehumidifier may be recommended based on your crawl spaces unique requirements, among other solutions. 

The best course of action to remedy your crawl space concerns is to contact a professional and knowledgeable crawl space specialist who can identify crawl space failures or repairs, and provide a unique, effective solution to your home or building crawl space problem.