How Much Does It Cost To Repair Weeping Tile In Edmonton?

The cost to repair or replace weeping tile can range from $200.00 to $450.00 per linear foot of foundation wall, where the weeping tile is to be replaced. This price range depends on the depth of the excavation to replace the potentially clogged weeping tile, and the types of soils surrounding the weeping tile – which can cause premature clogging of the weeping tile system around most residential homes. The price to replace weeping tile will be almost identical to the cost of waterproofing this same area, because the same process is usually followed to prevent water from penetrating the foundation walls, and to address drainage in this area along the footing of buildings – through the weeping tile drainage system.

When it comes to repairing weeping tile in Edmonton, the cost for repairs depends on a few factors:

  • The age of your home or building: *was a Weeping Tile system originally installed around your home? (Prior to 1960, not many homes included weeping tile) 
  • Many homes built prior to the 1980’s used a clay-based weeping tile system that clogs overtime during long-term settlement & due to sandier soil types.
  • The condition of your weeping tile system: *is it draining water efficiently?
  • Does your Weeping Tile System drain to a sump pump, or is one not installed? – Many homes had what is called a gravity-fed system which does not require a sump pump.

Some repairs may only require the addition of a new sump pump that would be installed under your basement floor in a strategic location. Other repairs may require a new weeping tile drainage system to be installed along the perimeter of your home or building. *These solutions can only be provided if a foundation specialist is able to identify them correctly… at Abalon, we have the experience and knowledge to properly assess your home, and we work with you to avoid unnecessary repairs.

In our 45 years of operation, we’ve come to realize the most responsible course of action for our clients is to 1) Have a knowledgeable foundation specialist evaluate your concerns, and provide a quote and 2) Before begining extensive repairs, start out with a test-hole (4×4 foot excavation along the foundation wall), to determine the efficiency of the weeping tile system surrounding your home or building. As Edmonton based weeping tile specialists since 1981, it is our responsibility to provide the most cost-effective and permanent sump pump & weeping tile repairs to every homeowner.

We can help you determine the cost to repair your weeping tile system, and we will work with you to avoid unnecessary repairs

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