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Prospective clients, realtor agents, engineers, and contractors always run into foundation issues such as cracking, foundation leakage, or foundation settlement concerns and contact us seeking answers to determine if their foundation requires costly foundation repairs. We pride ourselves in helping our clients determine if their home, or potential investment has foundation inspection concerns or if the foundation concerns are simply cosmetic in nature and point to a cause separate from the foundation.

Included in all of our Foundation Inspection Services, is a on-site visit of your buildings foundation to determine if any areas require repairs, or if there are any potential areas of concern, such as horizontal cracking, leaking vertical cracks, bowing foundation walls, heaving basement floors, foundation settlement concerns or basement seepage of any kind.

Since 1970, the team at Abalon Foundation Repairs has Inspected over 75,000 basement foundations throughout Edmonton, Calgary & Winnipeg. Abalon has provided Foundation Inspection Services in Edmonton since 1981.

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How do I know I should have my foundation inspected?

Foundation Inspections are recommended when concerns such these are identified: Foundation cracking, foundation settlement/movement, water seepage into a basement, bowing of foundation walls, heaving of basement floors, or severe cracking of interior walls or crooked doorways or windows.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new home, identify foundation concerns in your existing home, or experience new issues develop, having a knowledgeable foundation specialist provide a foundation inspection can save you an immense amount of time and money on your new or existing investment.

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