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Abalon Foundation Repairs has grown from a small family company to now operating throughout western Canada in three different cities (Edmonton, Calgary, & Winnipeg), assisting homeowners and commercial property managers solve their house, building, or garage leveling problems. Our Edmonton office has year-round admin staff, 5 full-time project managers, project coordinators, and other support staff to make sure your repairs are completed on time and on budget.

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house leveling edmonton - Abalon Construction - picture of leveling house workWhen it comes to house leveling, we focus on first establishing the root cause of your settlement or shifting concerns. This can involve our professional estimators taking measurements around your house or building’s foundation by use of a laser level to establish which areas have settled or sunk. The sinking or settlement of homes is a common problem in Edmonton, Alberta as the soil types homes are built on are typically clay, silt, and sand. The professional evaluation of a structural engineer or geotechnical engineering firm to establish a plan of action for re-leveling your home is also a common approach we take here at Abalon, enlisting only Independent APEGA certified engineers to provide solutions to our clients if required.

Why Choose Us?
Abalon has evaluated and assisted homeowners and commercial property owners with their house, garage, or building leveling needs since 1970 in Winnipeg. We have assessed, evaluated, and repaired well over 60,000 homeowners over our history and have the experience to recommend when structural repairs are required, or recommended to closely monitor overtime. We pride ourselves on our Lifetime Warranty guarantee, as well as knowing when to utilize different types of repairs.

As well as gaining your business, we are just as satisfied by helping out homeowners avoid unnecessary costly foundation repairs by being transparent. We’ve learned over the years that gaining trust is the more long-term approach to running a business, and this approach has gained us the most 5-star Google reviews in our industry, as well as the opportunity to assist over 2000 homeowners each and every year in Edmonton alone.

What are House-levelling services, and when would I require them?

Your home or building may require leveling services if you notice unlevel main or basement floors, or garage floors. These symptoms also include doors or windows that get stuck or are hard to open. Cracks in drywall or significant settlement concerns that involve large foundation cracks. These types of symptoms indicate that your house or building has settled from its original level surface that it was built on.

Over time, the weight of a home can increase with winter snow-load or other factors such as renovations or additions. These additions to your structure can increase the weight and cause the building or home to settle into the ground and become uneven or unlevel. The solution to this problem is to level the house with the use of a foundation underpinning or foundation piling system. This can range from concrete columns and pads under your garage or home, to the use of deep concrete friction piles or steel push piles that aim to re-level your home’s foundation back to level ground. With the help of structural and/or geotechnical engineers, a solution can be organized to re-level you’re building and prevent the structure from failing further beyond repair. Due to Abalon’s experience and history, our project managers and estimators can help homeowners navigate to finding the best cost-effective and “common sense” solution. Sometimes this can involve expensive structural repairs with multiple engineers overseeing the project, monitoring less-detrimental concern over time to confirm that costly house-leveling repairs are truly going to remedy the clients concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to level my house?
It all depends on the severity of your foundation’s settlement, which can range from a few thousand dollars to $50,000+ for the typical residential home. Engineering fees associated with this type of work can typically range from $500 – $5000 to oversee and permit house-leveling repairs.

What kinds of solutions are available to level my house?
There are typically four different solutions available for house-leveling services in Canada: These include: Telepost adjustments, Concrete Column & Pad supports, Concrete Piling, and Steel Push Piling among others. These solutions aim to establish support, raise and ideally level the foundation of your home correcting settlement & sinking issues.

How do I know my house or foundation is out of level?
Your home or building may be out of level if you notice these symptoms: 1.) Your floors are unlevel, and household items may roll one direction instead of staying put. 2.) You notice doors or windows in your home, garage or basement getting stuck, hard to open or shifting overtime. 3.) Drywall or other features of your home are cracking, shifting or moving overtime indicating un-levelness or movement of your home or foundation.

At Abalon we pride ourselves on providing transparent, common-sense solutions to our clients and homeowners. When homeowners call us for a free-estimate to evaluate their house-leveling concerns, we are accommodating to your schedules, and will dispatch an experienced project manager to evaluate, and draft up a solution (free for homeowners), IF repairs are recommended. We want to build customers for life and we will only recommend the necessary solution, involving engineers and other stakeholders when required or recommended.

Our repairs also come with a Lifetime guarantee or other transferable guarantee, and we always respond to requests or warranties even decades old… as our track record has proven we aren’t going anywhere and we hope to earn your business.

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